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13 July 2014

Ever felt over-shadowed by someone? Had that slightly inferior feeling? I suspect that is Bratislava’s modus operandi, sandwiched as it is between Prague, Budapest and Vienna, yet whilst it lacks their immediate beauty it has a charm all its own when you scratch beneath the surface.

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I was there for a Grasshopper & Anemone course taught by Europe’s leading practitioner and the city as a backdrop was an added bonus. From discos hidden in multi storey car parks to Soviet style bridges that looked more like UFOs this is a city with a cool all its own. The old town is picturesque, but it’s the contemporary art scene, the music and the underground creatives that make Bratislava really interesting.

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The course was exceptional too – exploding my design expertise and really widening my application. A great group, with really insightful course tutors!

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